Yellow & Green Collection Recap: Will I Ever Create Another Collection?

After my long awaited debut of my final pieces for this collection, I wanted to recap the highs and lows of this venture and if this is something I would want to do again in the future. In my previous post where I introduced the idea of starting a collection, I talked about what inspired me to start this and I can honestly remember my nerves going into this as well as the planning. I was afraid of adding too many pieces to create but also didn’t want it to be too few. At the time of starting this, I was fairly new to sewing and didn’t want to overwhelm myself because that would be the quickest way for me to quit this altogether. I am happy to finally be sharing my experience so let’s get into it.

The Final Pieces

I created 6 pieces in total for this collection and I honestly love them all. I love that some of them can be mixed and matched with one another which was a goal of mine for this collection. Some pieces like my dress and green ruffled sleeves top are pieces I gravitate towards but I have plans to get more usage out of the rest. Although I love skirts, I don’t typically wear them as they are a bit out of my comfort zone but I want to change that.

   ** Simplicity 8602 Top & McCalls 7129 Wrap Skirt **

Sewing Fails

So I initially intended to have about 8 pieces in the collection but ended up with 6. One reason was because I thought I had more of my yellow linen fabric to make matching shorts but that was not the case. The other reason is that I started making a button down shirt with this white and gold striped silky fabric but I hated how much it puckered at the seams so I scrapped it. At the time that I worked on it, I didn’t have much experience working with delicate fabrics but I have made quite a few pieces since then using delicate fabrics so I will try to make something else with that fabric again.

** Simplicity 8636 Cynthia Rowley Flounce Dress **

Sewing Wins

I grew so much as a sewist during this collection and learned more about commercial patterns and details I can add to my makes to take them up a notch. As a result of this collection, I have 6 beautiful pieces added to my wardrobe. Not to mention, the tremendous love and support I received on social media and on my blog so thank you all!

** Simplicity 8642 Top **

Would I Create Another Collection In the Future?

So I went back and forth with this initially after completing this collection. A part of me did not want to do this again because I didn’t like that I was restricted to certain colors. I got bored at some points and wanted to make things with my other fabrics that weren’t yellow and green. Then I realized that sewing in a collection wasn’t bad because I love the structure and focus it provided me but it’s the idea of restricting me to a particular color or colors that made me not like the process at some points. I realized that I prefer sewing in themes such as a work collection or a vacation collection or even a date night collection. Themes allow me to create all sort of looks with different fabrics and colors that will still compliment one another. With this in mind, I would certainly create a collection and actually plan on doing so very soon.

** NewLook 6544 Ankara Pencil Skirt **

Would I Recommend This To Someone Else?

Certainly! As previously stated, sewing a collection provides focus on what you would like to sew as well as intentionality on what you really need in your wardrobe. It also helps set a sewing groove so that you can be consistently creating and sharpening your skills.

** Simplicity 8602 Beaded Top **

This collection overall was a good experience and gave me great practice in planning out my makes, which is something that I wasn’t as strong in before and still working on. I am more confident now as a sewer so I can’t wait to spice things up a bit more with future collections. What was your favorite look in the Yellow & Green Collection? I would love to hear your thoughts below in the comments. Until next time loves!







6 thoughts on “Yellow & Green Collection Recap: Will I Ever Create Another Collection?

  1. My favs are: Ankara pencil skirt, mustard beaded sleeves top. I also love that other mustard top with the cut out sleeves. Mannnnn I love them all because I can see those pieces being mixed and matched with pretty much anything. For a first collection, your attention to detail was commendable. So proud of you sis for sticking to your craft and really owning the pieces that you create!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww Sherene thank you for such a sweet comment. It was honestly a labor of love and took longer than expected but it was all worth it in the end. Can’t wait to share with you what I am planning next.


  2. I have a quick question about re-twisting locs. I have never done it before. I plan to use your technique. Is it ok to air dry the locs after re-twisting them or should I use a dryer? I only have a hand dryer.


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