Cheers To Sewing Fails And Husbands Who Wear Them Anyway

So after making my yellow off the shoulder top and having much success, I admit to getting a bit big headed to the point where I oversimplified other sewing projects I have yet to try. I appreciate the confidence that the project gave me but it was too much and I needed some humbling and…

It’s Sew Me!: The Yellow Off The Shoulder Top

Earlier this week, I was excited to properly break in my machine and wanted to create this off the shoulder top with my yellow cotton material I shared in my previous post. This off the shoulder trend is something I have been adoring this summer season and in need of in my closet.  Plus, I felt I needed more summer tops that weren't too dressy, but also not a plain t-shirt. This top is cute, fun, and produces flattering suntan lines.