The Perfect Tasseled Clutch

It’s recommended when sewing to have what they call “palette cleansers” in between projects. Palette cleansers are another name for those simple projects that are quite effortless to put together to ease your mind before approaching a more complicated sewing project or to simply get your sew-jo (sewing mojo) back. I was in need of a palette cleanser during my #100DaysofSewing challenge (mainly because I had no idea what to do next) and so I took on a clutch.


I chose to use this simple 30-minute DIY zipper pouch tutorial by Raven Maureen to make my clutch. I read over the instructions, saw how easy it was to make and I went for it. I used this home decor fabric I bought a while ago from Wherehouse Fabric Outlet in a gorgeous pickle green which closely matched my tasseled trim from Golden D’Or fabrics that I wanted to use for a tasseled design in the front. Before constructing the clutch, I took one outside piece to be used for the tasseled design, cut pieces of the trim the width of the clutch and sewed the trim down along its edges onto the clutch.



I made sure not to cut the next piece of the trim before sewing down the one before because I wanted to create a brick-layer effect so that the tassels above would be in position to fill in the gaps between the tassels below. Once, that was complete, I proceeded to follow the rest of Raven’s tutorial to construct the clutch.



If there is anything you need to know about me, it’s that I love anything tasseled from shoes, clothing to purses. Just know I gotta have it! I love that this clutch is a solid with so much dimension from the tasseled trim to make it not-so basic. I especially love that it’s in a color I don’t already own that can easily pair up with a lot of looks in my wardrobe. The design may look complicated but it’s one of many ways to easily hack this bag to add a bit of wow to its look.



Let me know if you tried this tutorial out and tag me on Instagram at @createandpray. I would love to see it! Also, comment down below some of your favorite palette cleansing projects because I will probably be needing some ideas really soon. Until next time loves!



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