Simplicity 8416 Floral Open Back Button Up


If there was ever a button down shirt I enjoyed the most making, it had to be this Simplicity 8416 in view A with the back ties. This was only the second button up shirt I made for myself but it came together with such ease that I even shocked myself. I used this floral cotton that I purchased from Joann’s clearance (I really should have gotten more) about one or two years ago. It has a bit of stretch and oh so lovely on the skin. I purchased the pearl buttons from Walmart (sometimes they have the best button options for my projects) and thought they were a sweet compliment to the floral fabric.



I made one modification to this pattern and that was to cut out two back yolks instead of one as the pattern calls for. I typically do this for any dress shirt that requires a back yolk but only wants one to be cut out. I like to do the burrito method to create  a clean finish on the inside of my garments and hide any raw edges. If you choose to use only one yolk piece for the back then you can finish off the raw edges with a serger, flat felt seam, french seam, or bias tape. Other than that this pattern is really beginner or advanced beginner friendly.



Now that my fear of making button down shirts is gone and that the need for more of them in my wardrobe is greater (especially white ones), I plan to make some using this pattern in a different view. I also want to jazz the sleeves up and play around with them more for other projects so stay tuned for all of that madness. Until next time, loves!




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