Barely Started and I Am Already Over Thinking It

With only one post on my blog and so much excitement that came with publishing it, I find it sad that it has taken me over two months to post another one. With the amount of daily interactions and happenings in my life, I can’t even blame it on not having anything to talk about. My wifi connection is stellar so it’s not that either. Neither is it because I just have soooo much to do. Outside of attending to the needs of my marriage and upkeep of our small apartment, I’m currently unemployed and I don’t have any kids (as of yet) so my calendar is wide open for the most part. So why is this blogging experience that really should be something fun and a stress reliever seem so daunting?

I am simply overthinking this bad boy waaaayyy too much!!!

With the exception of the two draft posts that are baking in my website dashboard (and to be honest forming virtual cobwebs right about now), I haven’t really bothered to post anything. I have had such amazing conversations, humbling spiritual encounters, and explored new creative projects that I would be so quick to verbalize to my husband and or one or two friends, yet keep it from the very place that I wanted to use as a collective of all of these moments: my blog.

Why Christine, why??!!

I guess I would get caught up thinking about how I would actually convey it to my readers (shout outs to the one or two random readers from Canada and China) and honestly get nervous about not doing it “right” (whatever that is?) to the point where I am too overwhelmed to even say anything at all. It honestly doesn’t have to be this way because it is taking away from what this blog is meant to be: a place where I can share my creative and spiritual journey and all that comes with that while learning how to live this life fearlessly and without hesitation.

So as I sit here on my bed and feeling semi-annoyed with the job application process (only for today because ya girl will be back at it tomorrow *smirks*) I am ready to break this over-analytical blogging silence. I am ready to share rather than stare at the blank spaces on here and use this blog for what I wanted to use it for.

Maybe I can start first with my unemployment struggles? Or lessons learned so far as a new wife? Or possibly how Simmons Mattress tried to play us on our mattress warranty?

Any who, stay tuned!





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