Le Struggles of Le Unemployed: I Admit, I Was Embarrassed

It’s funny how I write this post with so much hope and chillness regarding this topic when it wasn’t the case some few weeks back. If you checked out my last post accurately titled “Barely Started and I Am Already Over Thinking It“, you would have noticed that I mentioned my current unemployment situation and how I should probably discuss this period in my life.

So, welcome to the first installment of Le Struggles of Le Unemployed!

Even as I was writing my last post, I contemplated whether or not I should mention my unemployment because I felt embarrassed about being unemployed for over five months, going on six. It always seems when you don’t have something everyone around you has it and I felt that everyone around me had a job and probably didn’t want to be bogged down by the woes of my unemployment. I thought maybe I should write about this period in my life after I land a job or not mention it at all because social media taught me that I should only present come-ups in my life and never discuss the downs unless I have already overcame them. But what am I supposed to do when I haven’t yet overcome it and still in the middle of it? Remain silent until further notice? What if employment takes two years to reach because that is a possibility and would be a very long silence? (Not saying this in a voice of pessimissim but simply asking a question.)

This sort of mentality made me a bit reclusive on social media and within my relationships with friends. I felt that if I put anything out, people will want to know more and will ask questions about “what’s going on” that I didn’t quite yet feel comfortable telling them the honest answer to. It’s this very same reason that I didn’t contact friends I knew in Dallas when I moved out here. Of course, I would run into some every now and again but I would usually blame my silence on trying to adjust to my new role as a wife (not completely untrue but I made it like it was the only thing).

The way I was treating this season of my life was only making me more embarrassed about where I was and increasing my silence so much that my husband encouraged me to post on social media so people will know that at least I am still alive (I got to write more in a future post about this man to give  a proper introduction because he is pretty amazing). In addition to that, how was I going to go silent for months and then come out the woodworks with a blog and expect people to follow me? So it got me thinking.

Yes, I am unemployed but there is nothing about this time in my life that I should be embarrassed about. I am not the first college educated person (and unfortunately not the last) to be unemployed after receiving a masters degree. Talking about this doesn’t show weakness but shows that I am human and I go through things that other humans go through. Through this I am learning to trust God more, so much so that I will shamelessly display le struggle and be confident that He will provide rather than waiting until He does it to then start believing and then start sharing with others.

This won’t be easy and I am sure I will probably cringe every now and again while documenting this journey but that is cool because this not just for me but also my other unemployed readers who are ready to let go of that dark veil of embarrassment for their current situations. I feel relieved after starting this and almost feel silly for feeling embarrassed at all. If you feel comfortable, comment down below with your unemployment struggles. Christine is here to chat with ya!

Until next time folks! Stay strong in Le Struggle!



I know I will live to see the Lord’s goodness in this present life.” – Psalms 27:13


6 thoughts on “Le Struggles of Le Unemployed: I Admit, I Was Embarrassed

  1. Chiiiilleee….weellll let me tell you sumthin. Seriously, I was unemployed for tge sane tine period and went through the same. We are achievers so its unusual and we didn’t expect that part if life. But it brought perspective to our value. We are more than our past achievements and even future but we are the greatest in our present being. I hope someone sees this blig and says, it’s alright. I’m nit alright now but I am still and will be good. Now, I’ve found a career I’m passionate about, pulling the figures I want, but there is a reality that says I enjoyed and appreciate the time I had to understan me. GOOD WILL!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing Kim! You are spot on and I completely agree that the perspective acquired during this period is awesome and I thank God for it. I am so happy to hear that you are in a career that you love, while remembering the values that you learned in your season of unemployment.


  2. Congratulations on your Master’s degree and your marriage!! I was unemployed for about seven months once, it gets better! 😘


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