Drafting A Maxi Skirt

I want to start creating patterns to use for future projects as well as get in the habit of practicing on cheaper material before I attempt anything on the actual fabric I want to use. I bought about ten yards of a cheap muslin some weeks back at Jo-Ann’s to assist me in this effort. It was so many yards that they had to wrap it around the board that they sell them on and it made me feel like a real designer (corny, I know!).


One of my first projects that I drafted was a maxi skirt. My mother-in-law really wants me to make her one in the future so I wanted to get some practice in. I took her measurements and immediately created a draft. Surprisingly, it only took me a couple of hours to create it and it was my first time ever installing a zipper. It wasn’t as intimidating as I thought but I hope when I us an invisible zipper on the real garment that it is just as pleasant of an experience.





I am happy at the turnout of the skirt, seeing how I never made one before but there are definitely areas for improvement. For starters, when I gather the skirt, I need to make sure my basting stitch or stitches are within the seam allowance so that when I sew the band, the stitches will not show. Also, I needed to add more of a seam allowance to my band because it was a bit snug. Plus, the band needed to be sewed on better to prevent bulging. I did it weird and made so much more work for myself when it wasn’t necessary. Lastly, the iron needs to be my best friend because a good pressing would have made my seams crisper and less puffy.




In the future, I may do only one basting stitch and possibly by hand to sew a larger stitch that I can’t make on my machine, to create a different gathered look with bigger ruffles. I think the ruffles I made were okay but a bit smaller than I desired. I also purchased a stiff lining to add more structure to the band but I will give this draft another go before I make the real thing. Stay tuned for that.

Until next time, loves!



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