#GrazeUSA: I Received A Free Graze Box + A Gift For You!


If you aren’t familiar with Graze, it is a weekly snack subscription service that sends 8 different snack samples based on your taste bud preferences and dietary restrictions to your door. In one of my recent perfume purchases, I was gifted a promo code to receive a free 4-sampler Graze box if I signed-up for their service. Being that I am a snacker and love me some free goodies, I had to take advantage of this offer.



It was pretty easy for me to create my profile, too. They asked me about what sort of snacks I liked and gave me a list of snacks to rate based on whether I like it, love it, will try it, or remove it from the list of possible snacks to be sent. After that, I placed my order with my promo code and waited for my package. I was actually able to see what snacks they were going to send me but not sure if this is what they do when you start your actual subscription.

Almost two weeks later, I received this cute little box with my name on it and I couldn’t wait to open it.


Here’s what was inside:

Jelly Doughnut: Although I am not much of a fan of jelly donuts, this snack was surprisingly my favorite! If you can imagine, it was a jelly donut deconstructed with  raspberry strings, vanilla cookie drops, raspberry cranberries and almonds. Not sure of why the almonds were in there but the entire snack made sense and was absolutely de-lish! I wish real jelly donuts would taste more like this.



Original Fruity FlapJack: I like granola and was excited to try this but wasn’t really impressed with it. It was a rustic rolled oat flap jack with dried apricot, vine fruits and seeds. I guess I thought this one would be more like a granola bar but its texture reminded me a lot of cake which I did not like too much. The taste was alright but this certainly was not my favorite.



Eleanor’s Apple Crumble: This snack was nice and sweet. It contained soft apple pieces, raisins, and cinnamon honey almonds. It was pretty good and I remember it being one of the first snacks that I finished.



Wholegrain Banana Caramel Dippers: This was sweet and interesting. It had banana shortbread cookies with caramel. I love caramel and this caramel was soft, sweet and light. The shortbread cookies, although tasty, were a bit drying on their own so I am glad it was paired with the caramel to get the juices in my mouth flowing.


It was so fun trying these snacks out! I love receiving packages in the mail, especially when it’s food. If you love snacks as much as me, I want to gift you this promo code to receive your own FREE Graze Box. Plus, these promo codes for your 1st and 5th box absolutely FREE! Yay!!! Thank me later! #SharingIsCaring





If  you want to try it out but not ready to commit to the subscription, don’t worry – they will notify you of the cut off time to not be billed and still receive your free gift. I personally can’t wait to try them again and hope you enjoy your first box.

Until next time, loves!




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