Le Struggles Of Le Unemployed: Le Struggle Has FINALLY Come To An End!

It is so crazy that I am even writing this post and announcing that I have a job!!! Like your girl is FINALLY EMPLOYED and all I can say is…BUT. GOD!!! It hasn’t been long since I started being open about my season of unemployment but it isn’t reflective of how long the season actually was.

Eight months, folks. Like eight looooonnnnggg months filled with moments of depression, uncertainty, plenty of tears, listening to misleading advice, dramatic breakdowns, rejection, anxiety, self-doubt, embarrassment, hiding, lack of motivation, poor self-care, reassuring talks with my husband and family, praying without ceasing, fasting, bible studies in-person and over Skype, more fasting, growth, self-awareness, creativity, rediscovery of self-love, growing patience, exercises for my trust in God, and so much more.

I am HUMBLED and BEYOND ELATED to say that throughout this experience, GOD NEVER LEFT my side and when it was all said and done, He provided me with a job in both the field (project management) and industry (technology) that I longed to be in for years (not to mention, it’s in a reputable company! What a wow!!). There were several moments during my unemployment where I doubted the possibility of getting to this point but along the way, God had His own way of reminding me that He had something amazing coming and I should wait patiently and enjoy the ride.

As you may know, this blog was created during my unemployment and where I started to openly share my struggles during this time in my life through this particular series. I remember being so nervous and too embarrassed to share this while I was still going through it but choosing to be vulnerable in this season helped me learn to remove this shame, openly trust God and His timing as well as understand that what is for me is truly meant for me.

I have so many thoughts and things that I want to say but it would make this post way too long so I will gradually share them over time so you all can fully grasp the growing gratitude and joy I have for Christ in my heart. Thank you all for your encouragement from the moment I began this blog and series to now. Thank you to my amazing husband, family and close friends for your prayers and in many ways relieving me of the stress of unemployment. May God bless you all abundantly!

As for this series, this may be the last post but certainly not the last time that I reflect back on this experience on here. I barely got started and there is still so much to unpack so I hope to do just that in the future. Also, I look forward to sharing my growth as a professional and the transition back into the work world.

Until next time, loves!



“And so I am sure that God, who began this good work in you, will carry it on until it is finished on the Day of Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 1:6

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