#DiscoverDallas: Not Your Average Tex-Mex At José Restaurant Dallas

Photos by Create & Pray (Me)


Since moving to Dallas, I think I’ve had the most Tex-Mex in my entire life and although I like the food, I feel like a lot of Tex-Mex restaurants taste the same and hardly ever stand out. At least, not until I visited José Restaurant in Dallas.


My husband and I were recently invited to have Tex-Mex with a colleague and their wife and they chose José Restaurant on W. Lovers Lane as they were good friends with the owner and frequented the spot. There’s a spacious outdoor patio in the front of the restaurant with pops of color every where, including the tiled water fountain and a funky, old bus out front (not sure if that is always there but it was cute!). It’s fun colors and unique brick design on the exterior was only a taste of what we would later see inside.




As soon as I walked in I was immediately over stimulated in a VERY great way. There are so many colors tastefully put together from the walls and the tables to the cushions and pillows in the booth. There are shelves with cultural artifacts surrounding the bar and one of the most gorgeous tiled artwork depicting what looked like different aspects of the mexican culture on the back wall of the restaurant. The interior decor of the space gave it a more modern and artistic feel to Tex-Mex and contributed well to my experience.


Fish Tacos at José Restaurant in Dallas.


Blue enchiladas with black beans at José Restaurant in Dallas.

For my middle of the week visit, this place was pretty packed, which may be signs that this attendance is probably normal. Our waiter provided us with wonderful service and the menu had a pretty good selection to choose from. I chose to have their fish tacos with black beans and green, lime-infused rice and my husband ordered the enchiladas. I will be honest and say that my fish tacos tasted like a lot of fish tacos that I’ve had in the past but the mango salsa that topped each taco added a sweet tropical taste to make the dish more interesting.



Not saying the tacos were not delicious on their own but they weren’t the star of the show. The real star of the show for me was that lime infused rice! It was perfectly seasoned and was nothing but goodness in every bite. I played myself by not ordering extra to take home. Don’t be like Christine, kids. As for my husband’s enchiladas, he said they were the best enchiladas that he’s ever tasted. He could not stop raving about them and made me feel like I should’ve snagged a bite off his plate even though I am not an enchilada fan.

We followed our main courses up with a simple desert of poached pears with a caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream, topped with pralines. Although I would have preferred the pears to be a tad bit softer, this desert was refreshing and certainly a different choice than what I am typically offered at a Tex-Mex restaurant.


All in all, I enjoyed the ambiance, delicious food, and excellent service at José that contributed to a great time with new friends. Surely a place my husband and I have to visit again. Treat yourself to an after work or a weekend lunch date at José and when you do, tell them Christine from Create & Pray sent you!

Until next time, loves!



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