**New Series Alert**: Introducing “The Professional Glow Up”

Can I start off by saying I am so thankful for all the love that I received on my final post of my “Le Struggles of Le Unemployed” series?! Like, you all had your girl feeling all types of fuzzies and good feelings inside with all the messages of encouragement and affirming my purpose of sharing my experiences with unemployment. Although this series in my life and on this blog has come to a close, I still have a lot to share regarding this topic and the learning curve of a young professional, hence this new series, “The Professional Glow-Up”.

When I first accepted my job offer, I felt a huge sigh of relief that I no longer had to allot any of my time to applying to jobs but I knew the struggle wasn’t going to be entirely over. Sure, one chapter closed and a new one opened but the struggles I had in unemployment will not entirely disappear but will rather take on a new form in my employment and I can already see this to be true after two weeks of work under my belt.

Since starting work, I learned too much already to not share with you all. This is my first full-time, permanent employment with benefitsBENEFITS, ya’ll…and yes I emphasize the benefits because that’s when you know it’s real! It is an entirely different feeling and expectation from working at my six month internships so there is a lot for me to learn and the challenge I prayed for is certainly there. Expect to see some reflection on my unemployment as well as many lessons learned in my professional growth and career in technology.

Let me know what sort of things you are interested in me writing about in the comments below. As always, happy to have you on this journey with me because I know “The Professional Glow-Up” is about to get real! Until next time, loves!




2 thoughts on “**New Series Alert**: Introducing “The Professional Glow Up”

  1. YAY!! I’m looking forward to this series since I’m on the same boat. I have a question / topic… Do you find yourself carrying the “work” mindset home? Or have you learned how to keep “work stuff” at work and not carry it home?…hope this makes sense, I’m speaking literally and mindset wise.
    I’m terrible at phrasing my questions lol
    much love❤️

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