The Professional Glow Up: Don’t Freak Out, It’s Only Your First Week

Walking into work during my first week was amazingly unreal. I was shocked at how quickly the time passed from accepting my offer to actually starting, yet excited for all that I was about to learn. I work in tech so my work environment is very laid back with really smart people that are always willing to give advice and help anyway they can despite their busy schedules. This couldn’t be more perfect for me because one – I haven’t worked in a tech environment in years so I have A TON to catch up on and two – I can continue sewing casual garments that are fun and reflective of my personal style. So yay to this job for providing a culture that supports my professional growth and welcomes my fashion creativity!

These few perks definitely helped me settle in well on my first day, but as the rest of the week played out, I felt this undue pressure to do well that I was putting on myself. There were things that I expected myself to know even though no one expected that of me, especially not in my first week(s). While I am here thinking that I need to know all of the lingo, acronyms and projects within my company by day two, I was only actually expected to complete my new hire paper work and to ask questions if I didn’t know anything.

I was freaking out and being over analytic for no reason at all. Everyone around me was being patient with me and I wasn’t being patient to my own self. I was too absorbed in my thoughts to see that this was the challenge that I prayed for. I asked God for a job that would always push me as a professional and not make me feel like I would quickly learn all that I could possibly learn in a matter of months of working there. I have to pace myself and realize that there will never be a moment where I will know everything because the opportunities to learn here are infinite.

I was put here for a reason and all I am required to do is to allow God to guide me through this position so He can reveal to me more reasons why I was put here. I am so thankful for where I am at and for having this message placed on my heart. The road ahead won’t always be so smooth but I can’t let what may come then hinder me from taking advantage of the time I have now.

Until next time, loves. Don’t stop the glow up!



“So do not worry about tomorrow; it will have enough worries of its own. There is no need to add to the troubles each day brings.” – Matthews 6:34

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