A New Perspective | The Meshed Floral Peek-A-Boo Dress


With the New Year just a few days away, I had a goal to squeeze in just one more sewing project to give me that added boost to take over the sewing game in 2018. After scouring through my saved pins on Pinterest I came across this gorgeous dress that was unique, classy and fun. I want to take a little more risks with my personal style, without compromising on comfort and this dress felt so right to make. Plus, it would give me something to do with this gorgeous floral cotton fabric and navy blue mesh fabric I spoke about in a earlier post.



I initially started this dress at the end of November before my trip to Thailand (more on that trip later) to rock it out there. However, this dress proved to be a lot harder than I had originally bargained for so I left it at cut pieces of fabric that had a questionable future until just a few days ago. After being so inspired by the fashion in Bangkok and thoughts of my 2018 creative goals, I had to whip this project out and give it one more go.



Crazy what a change of scenery and perspective can do for you! This project that nearly defeated me a month ago, suddenly was a breeze to tackle. I literally completed the project in two days SO smoothly. I had to make a lot of adjustments to the floral pattern pieces and had to completely do over the mesh portion of the dress but I wasn’t phased. My mind was so clear and I was focused not just on completing the dress but taking each part one step at a time.



Sure, areas of improvement are there but I LOOOOVVVVEEEDDD the way this dress came out. It was exactly what I had in mind and it is SUPER comfortable. Like, I can slide in and literally live in this dress. Also, the mesh on the top is breathable to allow me to enjoy longer sleeves in the warmer months so I am a happy woman. Although I am in love with a dress with pockets, I opted out of adding them to this dress to prevent bulkiness by my hips and throwing off the design of the dress.



The ease in which I completed this had me wondering why I’ve been running away from trying pants and anything with a button. Where was this clearer perspective before?! Either way, I am glad I have it now because there is a lot to get done in 2018 creatively and I hope my fellow bloggers and creatives can join me in this. Starting now (because ain’t nobody got time to wait for the new year, oh-kay?!!) there is no project too complicated for us and that idea that’s been chillin’ on your brain for sometime now doesn’t need a single day to go by without you getting plans written down for it. So let’s cheers to 2018, new perspectives, doper projects, and my new New Year’s Eve outfit! Hello!




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