Am I Back On Youtube?! | [Video] My Loc Retwist Tutorial

Happy New Year, beautiful people!

Some of you may not know this, but back in March of 2015 I started a Youtube channel where I did hair tutorials, chatty videos and vlogs. With school and other obligations, I sort of dropped off and sometimes with a long hiatus there is this pressure to return that can actually make you want to hide even more. However, after much thought and a self-butt-whooping, I have returned to making videos! Ya’ll I have content for days and excited to get to editing and creating more. I think it would be a great pairing and addition to my blogHello, 2018 goals! 

To begin my journey back into the Youtube world, I wanted to share my loc retwist routine with you all. I’ve had locs for going on 8 years and always get asked how I’m able to maintain them myself. I look forward to sharing more of my loc journey especially some dos and don’ts, favorite hairstyles, mistakes I’ve made with my hair, and why I chose to loc my hair, among other things. Fun fact: I have styled hair for over 10 years so it is only right that I share that talent here in this creative space as well.

Check out my loc retwist video below and be sure to like, comment, share, and subscribe to my blog and Youtube channel (turn on your notification bell) to be notified whenever I upload new content. Until next time loves!





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