What Indecision Looks Like In A Garment | The Vintage Plaid Top With Waist Straps


Hey Loves!

It has seriously been awhile but the creativity is still happening over at Create & Pray. I took a break from the sewing machine about a month and some change into 2018 (outside of giving my first sewing lessons ever to some good friends of mine) but got my creative juices back in February sewing this top.


If you ever want to know what indecision looks like in a garment it is this vintage plaid beauty. I bought this plaid knit fabric months ago from a thrift warehouse along with two other beautiful knits (one in my favorite color yellow *drools*) and pondered several ideas of what to create. I had just under two yards and thought of a bunch of ideas until I decided I was going to make a peplum top and began cutting the pieces out for it.


As you can see this is not a peplum top and that’s because I later thought this material would be better as a lightweight jacket of some sorts…tthheeeennn that idea was also shut down half way through construction when I realized that I am a scaredy cat and want nothing to do with buttons or a fully lined anything so I stuck with just making a top.


Nevertheless, I still wanted the look of a jacket so I created center front lapels and sewed them over one another to look like a buttoned up jacket and incorporated straps to bring in the waist to turn this Spongebob into Jessica Rabbit one time for the one time! I didn’t bother making strap loops because I also like the look of the top without straps and appreciate the versatility. Also, peep the change of direction of the fabric pattern at the bottom of my sleeves. This was very much unintentional as I was running out of fabric after wasting it earlier in the project but it gave this top an extra something-something I am loving!



This was my first time working with knits and it wasn’t so bad of a first experience. I need to be bit more careful about sewing rounded edges such as arm holes with stretchy material as I found myself stretching the knit as I sewed and causing some ripples at my arm seams. I am, however, proud of myself for practicing patience while making this. My indecision during this process and desire to have a cleaner finish had me taking this top apart several times and putting it back together several times more. The seam ripper and I got well acquainted but the coziness and fit of this top made it so worth it. Plus, I made this just in time to catch the last couple cold fronts before Dallas brings on the Texas heat waves.


Comment below with your thoughts on my recent make and what other sewing projects you think I should try. I recently finished making my first button down and have other exciting sewing projects on the cutting board that I cannot wait to share so stay tuned. Until next time, loves!




“Remember that the Lord your God is the only God and that he is faithful. He will keep his covenant and show his constant love to thousand generations of those who love him and obey his commands,” – Deuteronomy 7:9

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