Simplicity 8636 Button Down Wrap Dress


Let me introduce you all to this silent gem of a dress. I refer to it as “silent” because although this pattern seemed to make great impressions when Simplicity previewed it, I haven’t seen many people make this pattern (especially in this view). Something I love to do before making a pattern or sometimes before purchasing one, is looking at the hashtags associated with it on Instagram to see how it actually looks when it’s made and worn. I attempted to do that with this pattern but didn’t see anything I could reference.



I proceeded to make Simplicity 8636 in view B anyway because I loved it that much and even documented my step by step process in my Instagram stories (this can now be seen in my Instagram highlights @createandpray). I used this cotton linen blend fabric from Wherehouse Fabrics Outlet and used remnants from my floral shirt for my facing, pockets, and inner yolk for some pops of color. This dress came together over a few days but took some time to document the process. The neckline was a bit tricky but I soon got it together after taking a moment to properly read the instructions. I also shortened the sleeves because I thought the bell sleeve would be better shorter.



For my sizing, I graded out from a size 12 at the top to a size 18 at the bottom but I feel like I can take it in some all over about an inch or so. It’s fine as is but I know that I can achieve a better fit.


I would absolutely make this again and have plans too, however, next time I will remove the gathered sleeve at the bottom and just have a plain short sleeve and even hack this into a sleeveless top. I may even create a collar stand to attach to the collar for a slightly differently look at the neckline. Lengthening the bodice a bit for the dress version would also be an option for my next go around. Ooh now I just got my juices flowing! Can’t wait to explore more possibilities with this one. Until next time, loves!




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