Sewing My First Personal Collection

Last month I began planning and executing my first collection and I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

If you follow me on Instagram, I shared a while back on both my InstaStory and my page about how I am starting my first personal collection called “The Yellow & Green” collection. If you are thinking runway fashion show type collection, then you are correct but this time it is for my own personal wardrobe. I was inspired by one of my sewing faves Emily Hallman (IG: @emilyhallmandesigns) who has sewn a lot of her personal garments in collections. One of the many reasons for sewing your personal wardrobe in a collection include:

  • Creating more garments in a particular color or colors your closet may lack
  • Make types of articles of clothing you may need more of
  • Create appropriate looks for the upcoming season
  • Stash busting a.k.a. sewing up the fabric you currently have (it is so easy to become a fabric hoarder)
  • Have a focus when sewing

I took a break from sewing for the months of April and May and wanted a way to get right back into it and the collection idea made so much sense. Planning was tricky for me as I can be really indecisive and love so many looks. There were so many last minute changes that I was starting to become annoyed with myself (LOL). I chose to work with commercial patterns this go around to understand patterns a bit more as I hope to hack and create some of my own for upcoming projects. I initially planned to include more fabrics outside of yellow and green but I felt that would have thrown off my theme and focus. Plus, I didn’t want to commit to too many makes as this is my first collection.

Any who, the months of June and July have been my months. I have been hammering away at this collection and almost halfway done. I have been learning so much from this process and already see improvements in my sewing. It is so cool to see your vision come to life and all the sewing barriers in your mind come falling down. I know my husband is happy because I am finally using my ever growing stash of sewing patterns and fabric (haha). I have photographed the pieces I have completed so far so be on the lookout for the blog post on those to come soon. Until next time loves!






2 thoughts on “Sewing My First Personal Collection

  1. You are so inspiring (no-so-baby) sis! I just dusted off my sewing machine after a few years in hibernation. Time to get my capsule wardrobe collection started!


    1. Awww thanks Nelly!! I am so happy for you. I literally thought about you today and was like man I can’t wait until she gets her sew-jo back so we can do sew alongs together. Love you!❤


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