Yellow & Green Collection Piece #2: McCall’s 7129 Wrap Skirt


Hey friends! Today I have the pleasure of sharing with you the  second piece of my collection. It’s this McCall’s 7129 wrap skirt in view C that I made with this lovely floral fabric I bought in Thailand to match my bell sleeved top in my last post. It was my first time making a skirt as well as lining and it was such a pleasure. It has pockets (a.k.a. my best friend) and such a flattering fit for various body types. The wrap detail helps to define my waist and give this Spongebob SquarePants (me) some shape.



I have been avoiding making anything for the bottom half of my body simply because my hips and my bum don’t want me to be great at times. What may fit my waist right, will leave my hips too tight. However, because this is a wrap skirt, I was able to adjust the skirt onto my body by wrapping as tightly or as loosely as I desire. Normally skirts on me can feel a bit restrictive but this skirt feels so comfortable and relaxed.


The only adjustment I made to the pattern was extending the length of the skirt about 6 inches as I was going for a look a little longer than the actual length of view C. I also added a dark gold lining to the skirt as the fabric is pretty light weight and a bit transparent, along with some bias tape to finish off the inside of the waist band. I still need work when it comes to applying bias tape neatly but I am proud of myself for playing around with it. I can see how it could add such a lovely finish to the inside of a garment.




This was certainly an easy and enjoyable sew and I am so positive that you will fall in love with it just as I did. It’s beginner friendly and the possibilities are endless with creating different looks with it. I can’t wait to hack the mess out this bad boy. Let me know if you ever give it a try and share your thoughts on it below. Until next time, loves!



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