Exciting News: I Joined The Minerva Maker Team!

Today I am finally sharing on my blog one of my biggest accomplishments of 2019. I joined the Minerva Maker Team!

Now what is a Minerva Maker?

Minerva is an online fabric company (they also sell other crafts supplies) based in the UK and last summer they reached out to me to collaborate and become a Minerva Maker. They send me some of their gorgeous fabric which I then use to create garments or anything I like in exchange for a blog post to be shared on the Minerva blog showcasing my creation.

I honestly was in shock when I saw that they wanted to collaborate with little ol’ me but I  was humbled that they appreciated my work. It was a goal of mine to collaborate more in 2019 and this collaboration superseded my expectations. I’ve since had three blog posts published on their website that I want to share quick tidbits about along with links where you can read the full post on the Minerva blog site.

The Ruffled Maxi Dress

This maxi dress was my first post and a fun make. I hacked a NewLook shirt pattern to make this dress and even shared my step by step process so you can create it too. To read the full blog post on the Minerva blog, click here!

512624134Picture 2

1178384450Picture 23

The Linen Set

The making of this set was special to me because it allowed me to draft a pants pattern for the first time. It was also my first time working with linen and making a clothing set for myself. Such a clean and comfortable casual look. To read the full blog post on the Minerva blog, click here!



Traditional Nigerian Menswear

I got really out of my comfort zone with this make and made my husband a traditional Nigerian menswear outfit called a “Senator”. It was my first time making mens pants and using a Burda pattern so I was really in for a challenge. To read the full blog post on the Minerva blog, click here!



There’s much more creations to come so definitely stay tuned and be sure to check out my Instagram to get more updates on my current and upcoming makes. Thanks for reading and I’ll see you in the next post. Until next time loves!





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