DIY Sleeveless Ruffle Top

Hey Everyone! Today I’m sharing a quick and easy make that is also my summer go-to top. I used the NewLook 6511 pattern to create a sleeveless top with a ruffled hem. Texan summers are no joke and for once I wanted to make something sleeveless that won’t have me feeling sticky and icky when I’m outside.



I used gray and white striped seersucker fabric from Super Textiles that is nice and lightweight. I modified the bodice of view D by extending it to about an inch past my waist and created a ruffle that was about half the length of the view D ruffle pattern piece. Looking back, I could have also adjusted view B to achieve this same look.



For the back keyhole opening, I decided to opt out of using a hook and eye closure and instead made ties to create a cute bow in the back. I was inspired by a top made a few years ago by my sew friend Michele (@winmichele) where she added tie closures for her keyhole opening. Not sure if she still remembers that top but I’ve wanted to try this out for some time now since then to switch things up and because I am a sucker for bows.


Here’s how I created the tie closure:

  1. Cut out 9″ x 1.5″ rectangle strips in fabric (you can certainly adjust the length to your liking).
  2. Fold the strips in half the long way with wrong sides together.
  3. Stitch tie close using 3/8″ seam allowance, leaving one end of the tie open.
  4. Trim seam allowance and turn tie right side out. Give it a press.
  5. Fold keyhole seam allowance to the inside of the garment and top stitch keyhole opening to secure it in place.
  6. Finish off neckline with double folded 1/2″ bias tape. Leave an opening on both ends of the bias tape along the keyhole edges.
  7. Sandwich the unfinished ends of the ties into the bias tape opening in the neckline by the keyhole edges.
  8. Stitch bias tape opening shut to secure ties.



Writing this post and seeing these photos reminds me of how I really need to cut out a few more of these tops to not only have as palette cleansers between projects but also for easy basics for the summer. It would be great to make some without the ruffle for cute crop tops to be worn with high waisted shorts or pants. Now add a blazer on top of that bad boy. YUM! Yup, definitely cutting more of these out soon so look forward to those to come on the blog. Until next time loves!









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