Yellow & Green Collection Piece #4: Simplicity 8642 Top


This year, I really wanted to challenge myself to try things that I would normally be afraid to commit to. One of those challenges was to do an Instagram sew along. If you are not familiar with a sew along, it is basically when a group of sewers online agree to work on a  specific sewing pattern or type of garment during a specific month and shares their creations on social media at the end of the month.

For the month of July (I know – it’s December and I am now showing you… GET IT TOGETHER CHRISTINE!), I made the bold decision to enter the July sew long for Sew Your View (IG: @sewyourview) founded by Monica Monyo-Tetteh (IG: @thatssewmonica). I had recently bought a yellow linen from this amazing sale at Jo-Ann’s and almost immediately saw that the Sew Your View sew along for July would be none other than Simplicity 8642 top. It was literally a match made in heaven! After sewing the first piece of my collection , I felt confident to make this top and so I set out to complete my first sew along.


I decided to do view A as I was in love with the sleeves and didn’t own anything like it. The sleeves can be tricky though, especially when sewing down the narrow hem of the round curve of the sleeve ruffle. I would highly suggest taking your time with it. I added a mini pop of color by using a bubble gum pink bias tape on the inside of my sleeves for the casing of my drawstring.




Overall, I loved making this top and thought it came together nicely. I finished it early and was featured in the Sew Your View Instagram which was a pleasant delight. This top is one of my favorite things to wear and so many people cannot believe I made it (myself included). Not to mention, the linen has a little stretch to it that adds to the comfort. It pairs well with my wrap skirt and lovely against my complexion. It feels good to finally have another yellow shirt in my closet.


In the future, I am thinking of extending the bodice of this particular view and make this into a dress with pockets using ankara fabric. I personally think it would be a hit! Really any one of these views would look nice if turned into a dress. What do you think? Would you want to try this pattern out?





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